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The Little Engine That Could - Watty Piper, Doris Hauman, George Hauman


Brief Review:

The little engine that could is about a train who pulls a load up a hill and doesn’t succeed at first but keeps trying and doesn’t give up and eventually gets up the hill by believing that he can do it.

Idea of how it can be used in a classroom:

The little engine that could, could be used in the classroom by teaching the students to always try and to never give up. The teacher could have the students write about a time in their life that they struggled with something but eventually overcame it or something they are still trying to overcome.

Reading Level & Leveling System:

Accelerated Reading

3.5; Third Grade Fifth Month

Book Rating:

I would rate this book a 4 because it shows the importance of never giving up which is crucial for young students to learn, so they can become their best selves.