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First Day Jitters - Julie Danneberg, Judy Love

Brief Review:

First Day Jitters is about a girl named Sarah who is worried about her first day of school. A girl named Sarah who is fighting a man about getting out of bed to get ready for the first day of school because she is worried about starting over in a new school.

Idea of how it can be used in a classroom:

First Day Jitters could be used on the first day of school. The teacher could have the students sit in a circle and talk to each other saying what the hardest part coming to school was and how they were feeling about everything.

Reading Level & Leveling System:

Accelerated Reader

2.4; Second Grade Fourth Month

Book Rating:

I would rate this book a 5 because it shows that the students aren’t the only one nervous about the first day of school, even the teacher could be nervous! This shows the students it is okay to have emotions and to worry but that everything will be okay.