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The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein


Brief Review:

The giving tree is about a young boy and a tree. The young boy played with the tree growing up and the tree would do anything to make the boy happy, till the very end where she has no more left to offer the boy but the sat with the tree and the tree was happy.

Idea of how it can be used in a classroom:

The giving tree could be used in the classroom to describe what the tree did for the boy and what the boy did to the tree. The teacher could have the students write about a time where they were taking too much from someone or someone took too much from them and explain how they felt about it. 

Reading Level & Leveling System:

Accelerated Reader

2.6; Second Grade Six Month

Book Rating:

I would rate this book a 5 because the moral of the story is how the tree would do anything to make the boy happy and when the boy was happy she was happy. It shows how much the tree loves the boy… more than herself.