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Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

Brief Review:

Where the wild things are is about a young boy named Max, he considered himself to be a wild thing. He could be terrible and scary. But one night he was sent to bed without dinner and went to a far-off land and became king of the wild things to realize he wasn’t truly happy, all he wanted was to be around someone who loved him.

Idea of how it can be used in a classroom:

Where the wild things are could be used in the classroom to use the student’s imagination and get them thinking of a “far off land” that they would go to escape their home even just for a little while. The teacher could have the students write about their made-up land and describe what they could do there and why they would want to go there.

Reading Level & Leveling System:

Direct Reading Assessment


Pre-K to Fifth

Book Rating:

I would rate this book a 5 because it allows students to use their imaginations and be free of keeping the students under specific guidelines and allows students to write about things they want to write about.